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About the Geospatial Web Services (GWS) Focus Group (FG)

The purpose of the Geospatial Web Services (GWS) Focus Group (FG) is to serve as a community-based technical advisory group to the Geospatial Intelligence Standards Working Group (GWG) forum dealing with matters related to information transfer and architecture of GEOINT services. Information transfer is the movement of information from one system to another. The "data services" that provide for posting, discovery, access, and analysis of GEOINT data stores and information stores in a distributed, real-time environment are important. Additional services are required for positioning, cataloguing, portrayal, change detection, etc. Careful attention will be given to the underlying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in order to assure upward compatibility, plug-and-play services and components, and conformance with the market mainstream. Emerging service architecture components and technologies such as OGC Web Services (OWS), Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), eXtensible Markup Language (XML), and Java Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) are of special interest.

The standards forwarded by this FG are of interest to developers of services and service architecture components within a distributed, collaborative, geospatial environment, and by advanced designers of service algorithms, service chains, and service-to-service interfaces.

The GEOINT service architecture standards are technologies that enable service chaining interoperable service components. Agreements made here enable automata to mingle services from multiple sources, and thus create and employ one-of-a-kind service chains, and yet have assurance that the result will be the accurate operational picture intended.

This page was last reviewd on 2017-05-12

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The latest version of GEOINT standards in the DISR PocketGuide is now available. Click here to access the NSG Standards Registry and the Pocketguide.
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