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Country Codes Working Group (CCWG)

The CCWG serves as the community forum responsible for providing governance and configuration management for the Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (GENC) Standard. The GENC Standard provides the names and codes for U.S. recognized entities and subdivisions, and is the U.S. Government profile of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3166 Standard to the maximum extent possible. All entity names within the GENC are in compliance with the United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN).

The CCWG also is responsible for the Codes for Historical Country Names (CHCN) information/guidance document that specifies codes for the names of countries that are not included in the content of the GENC Standard due to their name change prior to its initial publication (September 2012). Governance procedures are specified in this information guidance document to ensure that specified codes are never assigned in conflict with those that are (or may be) established by the GENC Standard.

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