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About the Community Sensor Model Working Group (CSMWG)
The CSMWG is a collaborative environment to support a coordinated community approach for the development, verification, validation, maintenance, standardization, and configuration management of sensor models. The mission of the CSMWG is to ensure all sensor models identified and designated to support NSG geo-positioning services, production and applications are based upon, and compliant with, consensus-based community standards. CSMWG's mission is additionally to ensure that standards compliant sensor models are usable by multiple applications across the NSG.

The promulgation of a Technical Requirements Document (TRD) and attendant appendices will serve as a direct expression of the CSMWG mission and serves as the master baseline standards document prepared and managed by the CSMWG. CSMWG administers a Sensor Model Configuration Control Board (SMCCB) to track recommended changes / enhancements to the Community Sensor Model TRD and appendices.

If you would like to be added to the Email Reflector / Distribution List for the CSMWG please contact the CSMWG Chair.

For any GSET or VTS inquiries, please contact the CSMWG Chair.
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The latest version of GEOINT standards in the DISR PocketGuide is now available. Click here to access the NSG Standards Registry and the Pocketguide.
Upcoming Events
CSMWG Plenary, 16 - 18 August, Harris Corp, Melbourne Florida
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