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Field Value Registration Process

Field Value Register (FVR) Process for Adding a New Value

Step 1:

If a registered new value is desired for a data field within the JBP and/or other NITFS documentation that allows for the registration of a new value using the "NTB Submission Forms" from the Document Submission Process Page download for filling out and submission to the NTB at
At any time in the review and preparation process that you have questions or concerns please contact the NTB at

Step 2:

Review the "Submission Request Forms" documentation linked in Step 1 for understanding, as well as the included FVR example submission.

Step 3:

Fill out the blank NTB FVR form template based on the example.


Step 4:

Once the documentation is filled out:
  • Submit the completed NTB FVR Form template to the NTB at The NTB will then review the submitted forms to ensure the form is filled out correctly.
  • If the document needs further action the NTB will contact the submitter and return the document for corrective action prior to resubmission.
  • Once the information is verified complete, the submitter will prepare the submission for presentation at the next NTB Meeting, followed by a 45-day silent review process. A silent review process is where an item is excepted unless a reviewer “breaks” the silence and submits a comment against the submission.

Step 5:

The NTB will add time to the agenda for discussion of all proposed NITF FVR submissions. Each submitter should be prepared to answer any questions from the NTB membership on their proposed submission.

Step 6:

After the NTB Meeting the NTB staff will distribute all FVR submissions to the NTB Members for a 45-day silent review.  With each FV submission a Comment Review Matrix (CRM) form will be provided by the NTB to members wishing to comment on a proposed FVR submission. The CRM will allow members to record their comments to a proposed FV submission, see the CRM form under "Additional Documentation" found on Document Submission Processes page. The completed CRMs by NTB members will be returned to both the NTB and the submitter of the proposed FVR by the end of the 45-day review period.

Step 7:

Each FVR submitter then reviews all associated CRMs that they have received and “Adjudicates” each comment.  Once all comments are “Adjudicated” the FVR submitter returns the CRMs to each individual that provided Critical or Substantive comment(s) for their review by either accepting the “Adjudication” or providing further comment as to why they believe the “Adjudicated” action was not correct. All comments are required to be adjudicated. I.e., Each comment needs to have a stated decision (Accepted, Partially Accepted, Rejected, or Information) and the reason or action taken. However, only the adjudication of Critical and Substantive comments needs to be communicated to the commentor. At this point, if the FVR submitter and the commenter have not reached an agreement, the NTB will setup a Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) for all interested parties to develop a successful resolution.
Note: If after one or more TEMs, differences between the FVR author and commenter(s) still exist, the NTB Chairperson may call an additional TEM, for both sides of the debate to make a final presentation and then have the NTB Members, participating in the TEM, vote on either accepting or rejecting the FVR addition. The NTB Chair will make the final decision on any FVR submission that cannot be decided by the TEM.

Step 8:

The FVR submissions are expected to be posted to the NITF Field Value Register and added to the documentation on the next revision of the appropriate document.