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MISB APAN SharePoint Site Overview

The MISB APAN SharePoint Site is the access controlled site to facilitate distribution of content to our community. Items contained on the site include:

  • MISB Items for Review - documents out for community review
  • MISB Forum Presentations - documents from meetings
  • MISB Conformance  Plans - NGA Conformance Program & Test Plans for Motion Imagery
  • MISB Standard Report Tools - MISB developed tools to aid users tracking of changes, requirements, etc. across documents
  • MISB Reference Software - MISB developed software illustrating Motion Imagery capabilities
  • MISB MIMD & MIML - Motion Imagery Metadata (MIMD) and Motion Imagery Modeling Language (MIML) files
  • MISB Exemplar Files - First Level Integration (FLI) files and other representative files
  • Links - access to Community Motion Imagery Test Tool (CMITT), MISB Stream Monitor (MSM), MISB Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Common Media Application Format (CMAF) Viewer, etc.

MISB APAN SharePoint Site Access

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) All Partners Access Network (APAN) is the host platform for the MISB APAN SharePoint Site. An account on APAN is required. To request an account, please visit APAN .

For users that have an APAN account and access to the MISB APAN SharePoint Site, the direct link is MISB APAN SharePoint Site .

For users that have an APAN account and would like access to the MISB APAN SharePoint Site, log into APAN and request access by performing the following steps:

  • Search for Motion Imagery Standards Board

Select the Motion Imagery Standards Board site


Request access to the Motion Imagery Standards Board site with a justification as to why access is needed

  • MISB staff will review and adjudicate your request
  • An email will be sent to requester notifying them whether access was granted or not

Please reach out to the MISB for any questions at