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World Geodetic System & Geomatics (WGSG) Focus Group

The mission of the WGSG Focus Group is to serve as a National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG) community-based forum to advocate for and manage the standardization of the World Geodetic System.  In addition, it manages the activities related to its implementation which enable the provision of timely, relevant, and accurate geo-referenced data and information.
The WGSG Focus Group will define and resolve interoperability and related standardization issues, and act as a conduit for information and coordination as related to the WGS and the discipline of Geomatics.
The purpose of this charter is to establish the WGSG Focus Group of the Geospatial Intelligence Standards Working Group (GWG).
Geomatics is a discipline that integrates data acquisition, modeling, analysis, and the management of spatially referenced data based on the scientific framework of geodesy, geophysics, geotechnical analysis, photogrammetry, elevation, orbital sciences, and bathymetry.
Geomatics uses terrestrial, marine, airborne, and satellite-based sensors, i.e. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), to create and manage authoritative spatially referenced data tied to Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF) and inertial reference systems which have well defined accuracy characteristics.
The WGS is a set of conventions, parameters, and geophysical models that define a geodetic coordinate reference system for the Earth. The various models and conventions link the basic geometric coordinate systems to the dynamic physical living world. For additional informational regarding the WGS refer to:  NGA STND.0036 1.0.0 WGS84 
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