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Meeting Information

The GWG will meet at such time and place as determined by the GWG Chair and membership. Typically, Plenary Sessions are conducted in May and October in addition to three annual core member voting meetings focused on the management of the GEOINT standards in the DoD IT Standards Registry. Please check the Upcoming events on the GWG home page for specific meeting dates and information.

Standing Meetings of the general body are scheduled at the beginning of each calendar year. At least two standing plenary meetings for GWG Core and Associate members and other GWG participants are held per year. Executive Sessions, open to Core members (and Associate members as appropriate) may be held a these meetings.

Core Polling Sessions are conducted as required for Core Members only, for the purpose of managing the GEOINT standards in the DoD IT Standards Registry (DISR).

Ad-Hoc Meetings may be scheduled by the GWG Chair as necessary to address urgent standards issues.

Focus Group Meetings are held at the discretion of the Focus Group Chair. Please visit the GWG focus groups' home pages site for more information on their activities.

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The latest version of GEOINT standards in the DISR PocketGuide is now available. Click here to access the NSG Standards Registry and the Pocketguide.
Upcoming Events
CSMWG Plenary, 16 - 18 August, Harris Corp, Melbourne Florida
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