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Functional Type: Compression
JPEG 2000 BPJ2K BIIF Profile for JPEG 2000 Version 01.10
JPEG 2000 TRD JPEG 2000 for NSIF Test Requirement Documents (DRAFT).
JPEG 2000 J2K GUIDE Bandwidth Compression Guide for JPEG2000 Compression of Imagery data (Working DRAFT ver. 1.2).
JPEG 2000 J2K Test Plan The JPEG2000 Test Plan
Baseline JPEG Lossy MIL-STD-188-198A Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) Image Compression through NOTICE 2.
Baseline JPEG Lossy N-0106-97 Bandwidth Compression Standards and Guidelines Document.
JPEG Lossless N-0106-97 Bandwidth Compression Standards and Guidelines Document.
Downsampled JPEG
(Tactical or NGA Method 4 are subsets.)
N-0106-97 Bandwidth Compression Standards and Guidelines Document.
Bi-Level MIL-STD-188-196 Bi-Level Image Compression, with NOTICE 1.
Vector Quantization MIL-STD-188-199 Vector Quantization Decompression, with NOTICE 1.
ARIDPCM MIL-STD-188-197A Adaptive Recursive Interpolated Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ARIDPCM) Compression Algorithm: Capability to read legacy MIL-STD-188-197A ARIDPCM compressed files is optional; specific USIGS segments, libraries, may be required to use this standard to ensure translation capabilities. (For NITF 1.1 only)
Compression Users Handbook
STDI-0003 National Imagery Transmission Format Standard Imagery Compression Users Handbook.

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