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Allied Engineering Documentation Publication.  (* Requires Internet connection)


NSIF Extensions List

List of AEDP-4 approved TREs and DESs for NSIF


BIIF Part 5

ISO/IEC 12087-5: 1998(E) Basic Image Interchange Format.



Implementation Practices of The National Imagery Transmission Format Standard.



The National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS) Handbook.


RPC Uncertainty

Generation and Application of RPC Uncertainty Parameters



Replacement Sensor Model Tagged Record Extension Specification for NITF 2.1


STANAG-4559 *

Standardization Agreement 4559 for NATO Standard Imagery Library Interface (NSILI).(* Requires Internet connection)


STANAG-4607 *

Standardization Agreement 4607 for NATO Ground Moving Target Indicator Format (GMTIF).  (* Requires Internet connection)


STANAG-7023 *

Standardization Agreement 7023 for NATO Primary Image Format.  (* Requires Internet connection)


General Image Quality Equation (GIQE), Version 5.0, 16 September 2015 *

A General Image Quality Equation (GIQE) predicts the NIIRS of an image using generic image quality metrics.


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