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About the Portrayal Focus Group (PFG)

Portrayal is the presentation of information to humans. The Portrayal Focus Group (PFG) will deal with those aspects of the standardization of GEOINT relating to the visual depiction of physical features and geographically referenced activities.

This includes:

  • Human to media interface aspects, such as visual symbolization of GEOINT and symbol design, for both digital display and hardcopy media
  • Rules and behaviors of GEOINT symbols that may be necessary to ensure consistent rendering across the community
  • Interoperability in the exchange of portrayal information among the GEOINT community.

The PFG will coordinate activity with other focus groups under the GWG, and with other Technical Working Groups under the ITSC. The DOD Symbology Standards Management Committee (SSMC), which is a focus group under the Warfighter Technical Working Group of the ITSC, has overall responsibility for coordination of symbology requirements across the US Department of Defense, including the responsibility to develop and maintain complete joint symbology to meet DOD warfighter requirements.


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