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Focus Groups

The GWG Focus Groups are the primary mechanism for Community engagement with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  • Investigate specific standards issues
  • Provide subject matter expertise to the GWG
  • Maintain cognizance of GEOINT standardization activities, issues and opportunities within the NSG
  • Maintain cognizance of related standards activities in Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)/Standards Setting Organizations (SSOs), government agencies, and NGA organizations
  • Support standards development and maturation efforts
  • Foster alignment between dependent or complimentary standards
  • Coordinate Standard citation Change Requests (CRs) arising from the Focus Group or as assigned by the GWG Chair

The standing GWG Focus Groups are divided into the following 5 categories:

Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) Focus Group

The MISB ensures the development, application and implementation of standards that maintain interoperability, integrity, and quality of motion imagery, associated metadata, audio and other related systems in the DoD/IC/NSG.


National Imagery Transmission Format Standard (NITFS) Technical Board (NTB)

The NTB facilitates the development, selection, adoption, profiling, documentation, application, implementation, and testing of standards essential to establishing interoperability and quality for still imagery, gridded data, associated metadata, and other related aspects within the NSG.

Image Quality Standards Working Group (IQSWG)

The IQSWG manages the Image Quality standards that provide the basis for ensuring the quality, integrity, and fidelity of digital image products for the GEOINT community. IQ standards provide the recommended standard attributes, parameters, and base measurements of softcopy image processing, exploitation environments, NIIRS scales, and workstation displays for U.S. recognized entities and subdivisions.

Community Sensor Model Working Group (CSMWG)

The CSMWG ensures all sensor models identified and designated to support NSG geo-positioning services, production and applications are based upon, and compliant with, consensus-based community standards. CSMWG’s mission is additionally to ensure that standards-compliant sensor models are usable by multiple applications across the NSG.


Overhead Persistent Infrared Technical Board (OTB)

The OFG works issues across functional domains concerning OPIR data and metadata standards development in support of exposingOPIR data in a net-centric SOA.

Application Schemas and Metadata Focus Groups (ASM FG)

The ASM FG is responsible for those aspects of GEOINT standardization relating to data structure, data exchange, semantics, logic, and the communication of meaning, as well as metadata associated with these aspects of GEOINT. This includes GEOINT content, features, attributes, and metadata coding schemas, as well as data formats, exchange media and formats, and semantic resources that support capture and the exploitation of geographic information and geographic metadata. 
(*formerly Application Schemas for Feature Encoding Focus Group (ASFE) and Metadata Focus Group (MFG))

Portrayal Focus Group (PFG)

The PFG deals with the standardization of GEOINT relating to the visual depiction of physical features and geographically referenced activities, including human to media interface aspects, such as visual symbolization of GEOINT and symbol design, for both digital display and hardcopy media; rules and behaviors of GEOINT symbols that may be necessary to ensure consistent rendering across the community; and interoperability in the exchange of portrayal information among the GEOINT community.

Geospatial Web Services Focus Group

The GWS FG deals with standards for information transfer and architecture of GEOINT web services; i.e., standards of interest to developers of services and service architecture components within a distributed, collaborative, geospatial environment, and by advanced designers of service algorithms, service chains, and service-to-service interfaces.

World Geodetic System and Geomatics Focus Group 

The WGSG FG advocates for and manages the standardization of the World Geodetic System and activities related to its implementation which enable the provision of timely, relevant, and accurate geo-referenced data and information. It defines and resolves interoperability and related standardization issues, and acts as a conduit for information and coordination as related to the WGS and the discipline of Geomatics.